Wind and Water Bar


Wind and Water Bar is a purely bamboo structure located in the middle of an artificial lake, using the natural wind energy together with the cool water from the lake to make the natural air-ventilation.

On the top of roof, there is a skylight with diameter of 1.5m having the function of exhausting the hot air inside the bar outside.

A structural bamboo arch system was designed for this dome; 10m high and spanning 15m across. The main frame is made by 48 prefabricated units, each of them is made of several bamboo elements bound together.

wNw bar has been built by local workers over a duration of 3 months. Because of energy saving during the construction as well in the operation, wNw bar seems to be born from nature, harmony with the nature and the return to the nature.

Status: Built in 01. 2008
Program: Bar

Location: Binhduong, Vietnam

GFA: 270m2

Client: Wind and Water Company JSC

Contractor: Nghiem Dinh Toan + Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki, Phan Quang

Design credit: VTN Architects

ARCASIA Awards, Gold Medal, 2011
FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Winner, 2011
Green Good Design Award, 2010
International Architecture Awards, 2009