Binh Thanh House



Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city, the house was designed for two families; a couple in their sixties and their son’s couple with a child. The plot has a bilateral character. It is in a typical developing and urbanizing area, facing to a noisy and dusty street. But it is also very close to the river and the Saigon Zoo with a plenty of greenery.

Against a backdrop of this duality, the concept of the house is to accommodate two different lifestyles in a tropical climate; one is a natural and traditional lifestyle, utilizing natural lighting and ventilation, and the other is a modern and well-tempered lifestyle with mechanical equipments such as air-conditioners.

The house is composed of two different spaces positioned alternately. Spaces for modern lifestyle are allocated in three floating volumes wrapped by concrete pattern blocks. Between volumes are two in-between spaces covered by glasses and widely open to the exterior, where the residents enjoy their natural life with wind, sunlight, green and water.

Status: Built in 06. 2013

Program: Private house

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

GFA: 516 m2

Client: Individual

Contractor: Wind and Water House JSC + Danang Company

Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

Collaborator: Sanuki + Nishizawa architects

Design Credit: Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects)

Partners: Vo Trong Nghia, Shunri Nishizawa, Daisuke Sanuki