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Your Remote Island Getaway: Castaway Island Resort

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

At The Castaway Island Resort guests can live out their desert island dreams at this bamboo beach resort in Vietnam, designed by VTN Architects.

Bamboo Design & Construction | Castaway Island Resort
Castaway Island Resort

The Castaway Island Resort is set on a secluded stretch of sand near Lan Ha Bay, surrounded by cliffs and greenery. The resort can house around 150 tourists, and sits on a 3000-square-metre strip of private beach sandwiched between a green mountain range and Lan Ha Bay. There are five villas at the resort, which can only be reached by boat and is a two-hour journey from Hai Phong port.

Guests sleep under thatched roofs in the upper level of the villas, which frame sea views from their letterbox-shaped windows. A parabolic bamboo roof shelters a restaurant that sits alongside five residential huts and a pavilion on a stretch of sandy beach on the tropical island.

The Design

VTN Architects' designed the bamboo structures of the Castaway Island Resort to sit lightly on the beach so that they are both environmentally friendly and easy to remove without affecting the landscape. Thin poles of bamboo, (Tam Vong), measuring only 40-50 mm in diameter, were assembled by bamboo dowel nail and then tightened by rope. These were treated by being soaked in mud and smoked, were used to create frame modules. They were assembled on-site.

Simple huts, largely open to the elements and covered by arched thatched roofs, provide two levels of sleeping accommodation. The facades were built from recycled timber shutters. Each of the 13 bamboo-shell units is composed of 80 straight sections of bamboo, creating a wavy ceiling and a rhythmic roofs cape. Despite the construction of the project, the site’s environment was left intact, the nature preserved thanks to the environmentally-friendly bamboo structures.

Bamboo is often explored as a highly versatile building material. VTN Architects chose bamboo as part of our Green Architecture strategy to reduce the environmental impact of the guesthouses, using poles for the framework and holding them together with rope and bamboo dowels. The practice also used bamboo for the resort’s restaurant, which is a pavilion that shelters visitors from the sun without shutting out the landscape.

These bamboo structures not only enhance guests experience on the island but also have become a landmark of this popular tourist destination, where many boats cruise through the Cat Ba Archipelago.

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