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wNw Café & Bar: Two Pioneering & Award Winning Bamboo Projects

Wind and Water Café & Bar are two purely bamboo structures located in the middle of an artificial lake in the Binh Duong province, Vietnam. These natural bamboo structures, designed by VTN Architects, use the natural wind energy together with the cool water from the lake to make the zero-energy consumption air-ventilation possible.

Wind and Water Bar | Bamboo Architecture
wNw Bar

Interior of wNw Bar

wNw Café Design

Wind and Water Café, completed in 2006 and located among a lush tropical landscape, is one of the earliest experiments to use bamboo in a contemporary architectural expression.

With traditional processing methods of bamboo such as soaking in mud and smoking, bamboo demonstrates its outstanding characteristics of aesthetic, durability, ecology and cost efficiency as a building material.

wNw Café consists of thousands of culms of bamboo with minimum usage of steel. The roof, made by a combination of bamboo and steel tensile members, provides the voluminous space reaching a width of 12-meters without columns. Its V-shape was generated according to CFD analysis, aiming at maximizing the wind flowing into the building.

Wind and Water Café | Bamboo Architecture
wNw Café

Interior of wNw Café

wNw Bar Design

Stepping stones lead across the water and inside the Wind and Water Bar, which is used as a venue for music performances, local meetings and other events.

The wooden structure of the building is assembled from lengths of bamboo, which are bound together and bent into arches. On the top of roof, there is a skylight with diameter of 1.5m having the function of exhausting the hot air inside the bar outside.

A structural bamboo arch system was designed for this dome; 10m high and spanning 15m across. The main frame is made by 48 prefabricated units, each of them is made of several bamboo elements bound together.

wNw bar was built by local workers over a duration of 3 months in 2008. Because of energy saving during the construction as well in the operation, wNw bar seems to be born from nature, in harmony with nature and returning to nature.

In Harmony with Nature and With Each Other

The wNw bar is located in an artificial lake next to the wNw café. To create a contrasting space to the cafe, the bar is designed as an enclosed space which can be used for different purposes such as music concerts, shows, ceremonies etc.

As a new architectural element, the style of the two buildings of wNw becomes the focus of the landscape and work in harmony with the surrounding residential area. Although the function of the buildings is a bar, it has its own uniqueness and has become a landmark of urban landscape. It represents not only modernism but also traditions. The building gives a luxurious feeling but at the same time remains gentle in its atmosphere. The bar is now also used for town meetings and other social activities.

The two buildings originated from nature as part of VTN Architect's Green Architecture strategy. They now merge in harmony with nature. With time they will return to nature.

Wind and Water Bar Awards:

ARCASIA Awards, Gold Medal, 2011

FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Winner, 2011

Green Good Design Award, 2010

International Architecture Awards, 2009

Wind and Water Café Awards:

International Architecture Awards, 2008

AR Awards for Emerging Architecture,15 Finalists, 2007

International bamboo building design competition, Category winner, 2007

International bamboo building design competition, Second prize, 2007

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