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VTN Architects Advance Green Architecture with Thang House

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Built in 2019, “Thang House” is one of the latest Green Architecture projects realized in the “House for Trees” series of residential projects produced by VTN Architects. Food is the basic resource for all human activities and it forms the basis of a healthy cultural life. Vietnam is known for being an agricultural country, and being able to produce food in the city center sets the founding concept of this project.

Green Architecture | Thang House
Thang House

“Thang House” is built in Da Nang, which is the third largest city of the country, located in Central Vietnam. The client wished for a rural house which provided fresh air, surrounded by grassland and tropical enriched green that reminds him of the environment from his childhood. We divided the site in two parts, with one containing the living spaces, and the other conceived as a “green lung”. The “green lung” facing the living spaces provides filtered air, diffused light and the aroma of grass and flowers into the house. The green space lost with construction has been reborn as a rooftop orchard that protects the building from sunlight. There are nine boxes arranged on the roof garden with a gap between them filtering light into the circulation spaces. This not only contributes to greening the city, but also serves as a place for urban agriculture that provides fresh vegetables and fruits for the family on a daily basis.

In order to improve sustainability and to reduce running costs, rainwater is recycled by an automatic water supply system and circulated to the roof garden. We try to minimize energy consumption in order to be self-sufficient in both materials and energy.

“Thang House” will be covered with tropical green throughout year, creating a quiet and peaceful space for the family, and becoming one of the “green lungs” in this rapidly developing city.

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