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Viettel Offsite Studio: Its Bookish Design and Rooftop Gardens Provide the Perfect Work Retreat

Located on a light slope, beside a quiet lake and surrounded by a landscape of abundant trees, Viettel Offsite Studio is located on the outskirts of Hanoi, around 30km from the city center and 40 minutes by car. The new complex sits at the edge of the Viettel Academy Educational Centre, which was also designed by VTN Architects.

Viettel Offsite Studio | VTN Architects
Viettel Offsite Studio

The Purpose

Viettel is a global telecommunication group with over 27,000 staff and Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator. The Viettel Offsite Studio development was commissioned by Viettel as facilities to train the company's new engineers. The spaces were designed to be a retreat from the cities that many employees will be used to, providing a space for off-site meetings and "boot camps" surrounded by a green landscape.

This project was completed in 2019 and is 1,427 sq m (roughly 4,680 sq ft). The campus contains a reception area, dining facilities, and four studios that serve as short-term offices for the company’s leaders to work outside of the city. Thanks to the book-shaped concrete structures of the complex, VTN Architects’ design also results in a series of roof gardens — outdoor areas of tranquility that overlook the scenic campus.

Viettel Offsite Studio | VTN Architects
Viettel Offsite Studio

The Design

There are six V-shaped wall blocks which are freely arranged to follow the lay of the land and are connected by an open corridor. These blocks form triangular surface spaces: two sides closed and the other side opens towards the lake and trees. The wall creates an open book shape that exhibits “open from inside to nature”. Since the open side directly faces towards the surrounding environment, it allows people to both relax, be immersed in nature and to concentrate.

These concrete slabs create sheltered, sky-lit internal courtyards or bright, north-facing external terraces potted with trees. Patterns of small square openings in these V-shaped walls allow some direct sunlight onto the garden terraces, and slices out of their points - which face directly south – allow a controlled amount of light onto roof gardens and into the double-height lobby of the central pavilion.

To the south, this low block is fronted with an arcade shaded by concrete columns, and to the north the meeting rooms themselves overlook the lake with full-height glazing, with large meeting tables mirroring the shape of the building itself.

Stairs provide access to between the different levels of terrace, the highest being with those overlooking the lake featuring a stepped profile.

The studios are opened to North direction which offers the most beautiful greenery views to people. The V-shaped walls are designed to be high to cut strong harsh sunlight from East and West while providing an impressive exterior facade for the entrants. The roof garden works as the outside studio. The small holes on the wall provide gentle lights and wind to the roof studio.

Viettel Offsite Studio | VTN Architects
Viettel Offsite Studio

This project conforms to VTN Architects Green Architecture strategy. To see other interior and exterior photos, click here: Viettel Offsite Studio.

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