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Utilizing Local Materials in Our Architecture: Bat Trang House

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Local Materials | Bat Trang House
Bat Trang House

VTN Architects have established a reputation both in Vietnam and around the world for incorporating local and inexpensive materials in their designs. Bat Trang House in Hanoi, Vietnam is no exception.


This house is a place that embraces the hopes and dreams of our client. It’s the place for business where the family’s traditional products are sold. It’s also the place of living for his entire seven family members, and for gathering friends and relatives to enjoy all kinds of activities together, such as cooking, enjoying nature, playing etc.

The house is situated in a traditional craft village, at an extremely busy three-way intersection with houses close to each other and almost no space for nature. With the construction area of 740 m2, and a wide array of requirements from the client, the architects took advantage of every alternate space between the functional blocks so that nature could be integrated and be present in the client’s everyday life activities. This does not only make people interact more with nature, but also help the micro-climate and release the frustration in large functional spaces.

The inner space comprises the function blocks that are stacked on each other; each floor is rotated to an appropriate angle to create a space for air circulation, sun light and plant landscape trees.

In the context of the current fast-paced urbanization of Hanoi’s craft villages -- dense construction and a lack of space for greenery, the architecture of the house is truly an interesting and important touch to the urban landscape that leads to a healthy development of innovative architecture in Vietnam.

Local Materials

Using a 2-layer vertical facade system in the middle of which is small gardens, the architects have utilized an effective approach to architecture. While in the inside the house is a space for residential space, the facade needs to attract clients for the business purpose. Fortunately, the project is located in a famous pottery crafting village of Vietnam, and is also a client’s heirloom occupation. The facade is composed of 4098 local handmade bricks. Bricks are arranged into walls surrounding the building; the outside walls have large and small squares alternating. This outer shell plays a vital role in protecting the house from dust and dirt, creating a private space for the family's living rooms, and also serving as an interesting architectural highlight for the local area. The pottery-based bricks give the house a pinkish color and beautiful stand-out look.

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