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Hoan House: Fitting In a Garden When There Is No Space

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The Hoan House in Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a 4 bedroom tropical family home that features a prominent, stepped, roof garden. Designed by VTN Architects, the home offers a semi open plan punctuated by planted courtyards. These courtyards paired with large windows, ensure the home is never lacking in daylight or cross ventilation.

Rooftop Garden | Hoan House
Hoan House

Locating a Garden

There are many ways to add a garden to a home, provided you have the space. Some would add a garden inside their house just to accommodate the green living things and bring color and fresh air inside, while others might just add hanging plants to dress up the appearance of the home. But those who really want an entire garden and don’t have enough outdoor space for it would opt to have a roof garden. It turns out, that idea actually works well.

A Distinctive Roof

The Hoan House is surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches. The investor who hired VTN Architects to design the home wanted a house with a big garden. To meet this requirement, VTN Architects designed a ground floor house with a garden planted with trees and other plants on the roof of the house. This approach led to a problem, according to local planning guidelines that houses in the area should have sloped roofs with at least half brick. To maximize the area planted with trees, the roof was divided into roof spans, cascading like steps and forming an alternating sequence on the roof.

The final roof design of the house resulted in the roof being separated into rotating portions of tiles and vegetation, with some tropical trees, going along the neighborhood direction in the range — 60% of a building’s rooftop must be secured in customary tiles— however amplifying the visual impact of green on the rooftop.

As an augmentation of living spaces, the whole rooftop patio nursery is available to permit excellent perspectives over the slopes of Nha Trang. This is the place occupants can appreciate outside exercises under the shades of the trees. The parallel strips likewise show up in the inside under the rooftop. There are two sorts of strip: smaller strips for auxiliary capacities, for example, washroom and capacity; and more extensive strips for living and eating spaces, and additionally for rooms. White painted uncovered block dividers are utilized for both inside and outside. It is a shoddy yet tastefully satisfying, natural however sophisticate arrangement.

The Beautiful & Functional Interior

The interior spaces of the house are arranged and distributed according to these roof rhythms. Below the roof is no trees, a living room, dining room and bedrooms. While other spaces such as bathrooms, sheds, and hallways are located under green roofs, where the height of the ceiling is limited by the deep soil layers for plants on the roof. . A void and three sides of empty roof yard, designed in the system of the roof span to enhance natural light and ventilation.

The ground floor house with wide roof is derived from the size of the house. It is like a small park to the neighboring houses. Slight steps on the roof, creating a landscape for the house, especially the roof as connected to the surrounding mountains in the back. Under the shade of green trees, the landlord can admire the scenery and relax with the green living space.

In order to intensify air circulation and natural lighting, there is a void and three patios inside the house. The architect also enhances the tropical ambience in Hoan House by enhancing wooden materials with wide windows.

This house is one of a series of property projects called "House for Trees" designed by VTN Architects and represents our Green Architecture strategy.

See more photos of Hoan House.

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