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Chicland Hotel Is Truly One of a Kind

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Da Nang is one of the most famous tourist cities in Vietnam. The main city road Vo Nguyen Giap lays along 30km coastline, which has a beautiful sea view, bright sunlight, cool win and fresh air. Chicland Hotel is located on Vo Nguyen Giap road and faces directly to My Khe Beach, about 100 m to the sea. With site area at 699 sqm, it is an ideal position for hospitality business.

Green Architecture | Chicland Hotel
Chicland Hotel

The Exterior Design

Chicland Hotel was designed by VTN Architects (the Dezeen Awards 2019 Architect of the Year) to meet business requirements of VTN Architect’s client but doesn’t confine architecture itself to the normal commercial style. All vertical technical parts are moved to the North area to assure the clear sight of view (in the near future, there’s an upcoming a high rise building next to our project on the north). Other vertical facades are covered by a sudden inspirational system of alternate tree pots which is integrated into balconies or sliding part of hotel rooms. That greenery system has a simple design and is easy to operate and maintain.

Total floor area of the hotel is 11,895 sqm, it has 129 rooms from standard to apartment type on 21 stories with standard facilities such as: garage basement, technical & service basement, lobby area, coffee house, spa and sky bar. Thanks to the greenery facade, all rooms have a nice view whether facing the sea or the adjacent land. Besides of high aesthetic, the greenery system also creates microclimate for the building and makes interior space cooler. The plants used in the project are tropical plants and are suitable to marine climate such as: cymbidium hybrid, tournefortia argentea, ficus superba, bougainvillea, pluchea indica…etc.

The walls are made of concrete as a main material and covered by tropical greenery system. That green facade inspirits for interior design. Furniture and interior materials are made from local or natural material: wood, stone, bamboo, rattan… Guest room is designed with an open restroom connected to bedroom. All guest rooms use maximum glass door system to provide natural light, view and benefit from greenery facade.

The Interior Design

Chicland's entrance sits directly off the promenade alongside the popular My Khe Beach. Steps lead up through a small landscaped garden, past an outdoor seating area and into the ground-floor cafe.

A series of bamboo arches merge with the bamboo posts that line the ceiling of the coffee bar. The lobby is located above on the first floor and a bright, glazed space finished in stone panels and glass bricks, dotted with seating areas that overlook the café below from a small balcony.

Above this on the third floor is the restaurant, with glazed cut-outs in the floor that can be walked over and give down into the lobby. All these public areas all face east with large windows looking out towards the beach.

Technical, storage and kitchen facilities are confined to the tower's northern end where a new development will soon be constructed.

Chicland Hotel will be an icon of a green building for the city and bring new inspiration across Southeast Asia to architecture design. This project represents VTN Architects ongoing Green Architecture strategy.

Note: Chicland Hotel has been longlisted in the hospitality building category of Dezeen Awards 2020. Read more...


See more photos of Chicland Hotel.

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