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Bamboo Wing: Winner of Four Prestigious Architectural Awards

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

VTN Architects designed Bamboo Wing so that visitors could enjoy a meal amid the lush green surroundings while being sheltered by a long curvy bamboo shelter. Located in Vinh Phuc province, near the city of Hanoi, the restaurant is shaped like a half-moon and is entirely surrounded by water.

Award Winning Bamboo Design & Construction | Bamboo Wing
Bamboo Wing

The Flamingo Dailai Resort complex, located in the middle of forests between Dailai Lake and the surrounding mountains, consists of two contrasting buildings both designed by VTN Architects – ‘Dailai Conference Hall‘ and ‘Bamboo Wing‘. The shape of the roof as bird wings is good for capturing the wind inside the building. This contributes to the ecology aspect by minimizing the use of air conditioner. With its deep eaves and the water in the open spaces, people feel as if they are living in the nature.

The Design

In this project, once again, VTN Architects has worked bamboo to perfection, creating streamlined, sustainable and magical shelters that stand in harmony with nature. Bamboo Wing is the pure bamboo cantilever structure flying over the sky as bird’s wings.

This 12-meters-wide structure balances itself on one leg and enables to realize the spacious free space without any columns on its edge, meeting the function of the culture center to hold fashion shows, music lives, as well as conferences. The openness of the building thanks to its structure helps people inside to feel as if they are living in the nature.

The shape of the roof is suitable to take the cool wind into the building through the surrounding pond, and the deep eaves cast its shadow on the floor, making comfortable thermal environment without using air conditioners.

To enter Bamboo Wing, customers walk through a series of stepping-stones surrounded by water and growing bamboo. Entirely made of the fast-growing, renewable plant, the open-air Vietnamese restaurant is airy, cool and shaped like a bird’s wings. The sculptural columns support the angled roof, making a firm statement on how versatile and strong this material can be.

This project is part of VTN Architects Green Architecture strategy.


Green Good Design, 2012

FuturArc Green Leadership, Winner, 2012

International Architecture Awards, 2011

2014’s Building of the Year of ARCASIA Award

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