FPT University Ho Chi Minh City


The groundbreaking ceremony for FPT University has begun on-site on 13/06/2016, marking the beginning of the new campus construction.

The design features various green spaces that promote students and staffs’ interactions and well-being, such as tree-covered rooftops, balconies and a plant-filled courtyard. The new campus is described as the city’s new icon of sustainability and a social gathering attractant.

The growing mountain form constructed by staggered green floors gracefully blends into the natural landscape, creating a smooth transition between different floor heights, while enclosing a courtyard in its center, which will develop into an exclusive urban park for students and staffs. Greenery elements extend from this central space to the circulation wells, balconies, walkways and rooftop terraces of the building.

Following the undulated mountain form is a semi-outdoor garden that allows a fluid circulation and unrestricted view to the courtyard within as well as the city beyond. The extensive use of vegetation will reduce the campus’s carbon footprint from air conditioning, while providing extra shade and providing better air quality for the surrounding area.

The new building itself adds variation to the existing urban landscape that is considered flat and dominated by verticality. As opposed to the conventional vertical blocks in the area which stand as isolated objects on the ground, the new design blends the boundaries between concrete and greenery, as well as the built and nature.

Architect Firm: VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)

Principal Architects: Vo Trong Nghia, Kosuke Nishijima, Hidetoshi Sawa, Tran Thi Hang.Architects:Nguyen Tat Dat, Tran Cam Linh, Takahito Yamada, Nguyen Duy Phuoc

Status: Underconstruction

Program: University

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Site area: 22,500 m2

GFA: 29,000 m2

Client: FPT University

Budget: 400,000,000,000VND (app. 18million USD)

Credit of graphics: VTN Architects (Vo Trong NghiaArchitects)