Wind and Water Café




Wind and Water Café, located amongst a lush tropical landscape, is one of the earliest experiments to use bamboo in a contemporary architectural expression.

With traditional processing methods of bamboo such as soaking in mud and smoking, bamboo demonstrate its outstanding characteristics of aesthetic, durability, ecology and cost efficiency as a building material.

wNw Café consists of thousands of culms of bamboo with minimum usage of steel. The roof, made by a combination of bamboo and steel tensile members, provides the voluminous space reaching a width of 12-meters without columns. Its V-shape was generated according to CFD analysis, aiming at maximizing the wind flowing into the building.

Status: Built in 03. 2006

Program: Cafe

Location: Binhduong, Vietnam

GFA: 1,200 m2

Client: Wind and Water Company JSC

Contractor: VTN Architects

Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki, Dinh Thu Thuy

Design credit: VTN Architects

International Architecture Awards, 2008
AR Awards for Emerging Architecture,15 Finalists, 2007
International bamboo building design competition, Category winner, 2007
International bamboo building design competition, Second prize, 2007

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