Huong An Vien Welcoming House



Huong An Vien cemetery park is located in An Hoa village, Huong An ward, town. Huong Tra is the first model of the first unique ecological cemetery park in the Central region, ensuring urban aesthetics, environmental safety and impressive architecture, consistent with customs and practices. , people's beliefs.

Located on 4 natural lakes and surrounded by mountains, Huong An Vien is built in the style of an eco-park combined with spiritual tourism, so the choice of architecture requires very careful and meticulous. With a strong belief in a happy life after death, Huong An Vien has "turned" a cemetery with a heavy amount of quiet space, into an ecological cemetery park filled with flowers and sunshine. With 38ha dedicated to green space, this place is not only a relaxing and tranquil place, but also built many beautiful campuses to create sparkling wedding photos, family photos, photos with close friends. The welcoming house to the cemetery park was designed by VTN Architects in keeping with this theme.