Eco-resort Pavilion



The structure of the Eco-resort Pavilion in Hanoi was another challenge to maximize the potential of bamboo construction.

38 prefabricated bamboo arches were installed in a 22-meter-diameter circular form, aligned concentrically around the center axis. These units were treated and assembled in Ho Chi Minh City by a team of skilled workers and exported to Hanoi to ensure the high accuracy for assembling while maintaining the proper cost control.

The object of the building is to serve as a restaurant and a reception hall of a resort complex. The skylight served as natural ventilation with the same function as it does in wNw bar. The daylight is filtered by bamboo arches, creating a rich contrast between light and shadow. Traditional leaf roofing was applied to in an attempt to harmonize the building further with the surrounding nature.

The structure of the Eco-resort pavilion is a combination of bamboo and reinforced concrete, utilizing the advantages of both materials. The main spaces for visitors are covered by a dynamic bamboo structure, which offers an extraordinary spatial experience using natural materials. The service sectors are composed of reinforced concrete, prioritizing its functionality. As a result of the combination of structures, varied spaces with different heights have been achieved.

Status: Under construction

Program: Restaurant and reception hall

Location: La Vong, Hanoi, Vietnam

GFA: 490m2

Client: La Vong Commerce and Service JSC

Contractor: Wind and Water House JSC

Photographs: Nguyen Quang Phuc

Design credit: VTN Architects

Principal architect: Vo Trong Nghia