EXPO 2010 Vietnam Pavilion

The Vietnam Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 was a challenge to turn a homogeneous warehouse into a characteristic pavilion which portrays the Vietnamese culture.

Bamboo was chosen as the main material for this renovation to express the Vietnamese spirit of friendliness, durability and sustainability. The wavy arch-shaped bamboo facade was installed to the exterior to reduce the heat from direct sunlight.

Inspired by the idea of turning the interior into a bamboo forest, the arched bamboo structure was created as an inner lining. Vietnamese culture was highlighted to visitors by expressing the country’s history and culture as well as its progress in eco-protection and urban development, synchronizing the slogan of EXPO 2010; “better city, better life.”

Status: Built in 04. 2010
Program: Exhibition
Location: Shanghai, China
GFA: 915m2
Client: VEFAC (Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Center)
Contractor: LVS Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. + Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Photographs: Phan Quang, VTN Architects
Design credit: VTN Architects
Associate architect: Shunri Nishizawa
Awards: Green Good Design, 2011

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